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1 Summit Street, Newport Beach, California, USA 92663
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It’s no longer a crime to let your dog splash around off-leash on a thin strip of land on Newport Beach’s northern border.

County supervisors voted Tuesday to allow dogs to run free at a small waterfront along the end of the Santa Ana River, which locals have used illegally for years as a not-so-secret dog beach.

The decision reverses a 41-year-old law that required dog owners to keep their pups on a leash when on county property, but the new rule applies only to the unincorporated county inlet between Huntington Beach and Newport Beach. That spot now becomes only the second off-leash dog beach in Orange County and the first on county land.

“This beach is a pot of gold for us dog owners,” said Dr. Mary Sebzda, a Costa Mesa veterinarian, who cheered along with 40 others at the meeting after supervisors approved the proposal.